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Integrated Software Development System
for ARM7 and Cortex-M3 Microcontrollers

Latest News (9 July 2014)  

What is Astrobe?

Astrobe is a complete integrated ARM embedded software rapid development system running on Windows. It includes a multi-file, fully featured, syntax-aware programmer's editor, native code ARM compiler, linker and builder, program uploader and a serial terminal. Use it to develop reliable software to run on the powerful 32-bit ARM7, Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M4 family of microcontrollers. 

The collection of startup files, library modules and examples included with Astrobe means that you can start writing your applications without having to work from scratch. The source code of these modules is available.

Astrobe uses the programming language Oberon. Its features allow you to develop efficient high- and low-level 32-bit native code ARM embedded software without the complications associated with using assembler or C.

Astrobe identifies many common programming errors at compile / link time before you even run your program; most others are automatically trapped at runtime. The system automatically identifies the point of failure by module name and source code line number so valuable time is not wasted chasing spurious side-effects.

Available Editions and Features

There is a Personal and Professional Edition of Astrobe to suit different types of users. Refer to the relevant Feature Matrix for a summary of everything that is included in each package:  


Try the ready to compile and run source code examples distributed with Astrobe - such as the example code for a simple LED-blinking program. Additional source code examples can be viewed and downloaded from the Astrobe forum.

Download Oberon programming text books for source code examples used to solve general programming tasks. 

Technical Support

Quick and accurate technical support is vital to the usefulness of any software development system.  Technical support is provided on a web-based forum and by email.

Astrobe has been tested with a range of NXP Cortex-M3, Cortex-M4 and LPC2000-based development and educational boards. No special-purpose hardware is needed to program the microcontrollers with these boards. Astrobe uploads the compiled code to the target from your PC via an RS232 or USB connection and allows you to communicate with your application in its serial terminal window.

System Requirements

Refer to following files for details of the System Requirements etc.

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