HCFiler - An efficient embedded SDHC FileSystem preview

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HCFiler - An efficient embedded SDHC FileSystem preview

Postby cfbsoftware » Sat Jul 22, 2017 12:31 pm

Here is a 'sneak peek' of a pre-release version of HCFiler, the SDHC FileSystem which resulted from the discussion in April in the ETH Oberon Mailing list:


It is intended to be used for data-logging applications that might need to create files with a total size exceeding the 64 MB limit of the standard project Oberon filesystem. The files can subsequently be processed / analysed on a Windows system. However it has other uses e.g. to backup modified Project Oberon files to a Windows PC.

The HCFiler system consists of a set of Oberon modules that are used to create files on the RISC5 system and a Windows application that can read the same files on a PC. When the Windows application starts it automatically detects the removable SDHC card on the PC. We have tested it with a USB SD card adapter.

What you see here is a Windows program which is used to copy the files from the SDHC filesystem to a Windows folder on a PC. The files shown were originally copied from the SDHC Project Oberon partition to the HCFiler filesystem partition. The RISC5 Project Oberon system was running on a Digilent Arty FPGA development board

SDHCFiler.JPG (54.13 KiB) Viewed 1984 times

This SDHC filesystem can use all of the unused 7.09 GB of the 8 GB SDHC Card beyond the 64 MB Project Oberon partition:

Partition.JPG (20.73 KiB) Viewed 1984 times

There is no arbitrary limit on the size of each file or the number of files that can be written. The file system has also been implemented on the ARM Cortex-M3, M4 and M7 boards from both NXP and STMicroelectronics that are supported by Astrobe. The system uses very little resources - the compiled code size is less than 4 KB.

Links to download the v6.2 Astrobe for Cortex-M3 version are included in the announcement in the Astrobe for Cortex-M3, M4 and M7 forum. Email support at cfbsoftware.com if you want to try out the Astrobe for RISC5 version.
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