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by Selectech
Sat Nov 30, 2019 3:15 pm
Forum: Cortex-M3
Topic: Using System Tick
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Re: Using System Tick

I've used Systick on LPC1347 and LPC1768 ( and some other non-NXP controllers ). It's used for my RTOS work, With a 96 Mhz clock, this sets up Systick to give 1 mSec tick. The trap handler is just like any other interrupt handler. (* System Tick Timer Handler *) PROCEDURE SysTickTrap[1]; BEGIN INC(m...
by Selectech
Mon Nov 03, 2014 1:10 pm
Forum: Development Boards
Topic: Cortex-M4 targets - Atmel
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Cortex-M4 targets - Atmel

For now I will be doing my testing with LPC4088, however final product may use something like an Atmel SAM4S2BB or Atmel SAM4S16 { Cortex-M4 } for a hard real-time application that needs floating point and a small physical footprint. Is there a convenient way for me to create and add extra Cortex-M4...