Using the Pepino SD card image with Astrobe

General discussions about using the Astrobe IDE to program the FPGA RISC5 cpu used in Project Oberon 2013
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Using the Pepino SD card image with Astrobe

Post by Helpdesk » Sun Mar 19, 2017 11:14 pm

I already have an SD card image with Saalima's version of Project Oberon, an optional add-on item when ordering the Pepino board.

Q1, Can I use Saanlima's SD card image in lieu of the Astrobe Project Oberon image file?

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Re: Using the Pepino SD card image with Astrobe

Post by cfbsoftware » Mon Mar 20, 2017 12:12 am

We supply a Project Oberon SD card image to be used with Astrobe for the following reasons:

1. To ensure that the Astrobe compiler and library modules on Windows are the same version as on the Project Oberon card image. You can compile the source code on Windows and upload the resulting object file (*.rsc) to Project Oberon and it will work.

2. To enable the Astrobe > Run > Upload UART command to communicate with the Astrobe Upload command implemented on Project Oberon.

3. To ensure that the timestamp on any files uploaded from Windows is preserved on Project Oberon.

We haven't tried it ourselves but there is a good chance that you can use Saanlima's SD card image with Astrobe if:

1. You are prepared to upload Oberon source code from Windows that you then compile on Project Oberon.

2. You are not concerned about synchronising uploaded file timestamps between Windows and Project Oberon.

If those conditions are OK for you then follow these instructions.

1. Edit the source code file of the file Upload.Mod in the Astrobe Lib folder to comment out the following line:

Code: Select all

Files.SetDate(F, fileDate);
2. Find a way to transfer Upload.Mod to your Project Oberon system and compile it. If you do not have a way of transferring the file to Project Oberon then you will need to type it in - it is about 100 lines of code.

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