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REPERTOIRE: Modula-2 Components by PMI

REPERTOIRE is a toolkit developed by PMI in Portland, Oregon in the 1980's for use with Logitech, JPI, ITC, FTL and FST Modula-2 compilers running on MS-DOS. Release 1.5b contains more than 1.2 MB of source code and a 375p manual (on disk) for the following systems:

  1. Indexed File System
  2. Screen Design/Display System
  3. Multi-Window Editor
  4. Natural-Language Analysis Routines
  5. Low-Level Utilities

The source code files here were restored directly from the original MS-DOS floppy disks. The C header files (.h files) for all modules that allowed Repertoire's object code to be used more conveniently with C compilers is not included because that disk was corrupted beyond repair.

Cole Brecheen, one of the authors, has kindly given us permission to make these files available for public distribution.

Download REPERTOIRE (1.18MB Zip File)

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