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A Modula-2 MC68000 Cross-Assembler

The April and June 1986 issues of Doctor Dobb's Journal (Vol 11, Issues 4 and 6) described a 68000 Cross-assembler written in Modula-2 by Brian R Anderson. In April 1986 he released a revised version in which all known bugs were fixed and several new features were added.

Attempts to track him down to get his permission to make the software available here were unsuccessful. However, hopefully there is no problem as the copyright information states:

"Copyright (c) 1985 by Brian R. Anderson This software may be freely copied for personal, non-commercial use provide only that all copyright notices remain intact."

There were two versions, one for CP/M and one for MS-DOS. The source code and exe files here were copied directly from the original MS-DOS floppy disk. A scanned pdf copy of the documentation is also included 

Download X68000 for MS-DOS (970 KB Zip File)

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