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Development Boards

Astrobe is supported on a range of development boards using NXP, STMicroelectronics and Xilinx devices. If you have not already chosen or designed your hardware we recommend starting with one of these boards for the quickest way to get up and running. The supported boards can be programmed from a Windows PC without any additional hardware.

The possible ways to program a particular development board depend on its capabilities:

The Run command on the Astrobe Project menu opens a terminal window on your PC. You can use this window to send and receive text to / from your program on the microcontroller using functions from the Astrobe library modules In and Out. Diagnostic runtime error messages are also displayed in this window. The messages identify the line number and name name of the source code file where the error occurred enabling you to quickly pinpoint the source of the problem.

Supported Microcontroller Families

The startup files, library modules and linker included with Astrobe support the following microcontroller families:




Development Boards

Astrobe is supported on the following development boards:

Company Cortex-M3 Boards Approx.
ARM LPC1768 mbed board $US 49
STMicroelectronics Nucleo-L152RE $US 13
STMicroelectronics Nucleo-F207ZG $US 23
  Cortex-M4 Boards
STMicroelectronics Nucleo-F303RE $US 11
STMicroelectronics Nucleo-F303ZE $US 19
STMicroelectronics Nucleo-F334R8 $US 11
STMicroelectronics Nucleo-F429ZI $US 23
STMicroelectronics Nucleo-L432KC $US 11
  Cortex-M7 Boards
Nucleo-F746ZG $US 23
STMicroelectronics Nucleo-F767ZI $US 23
Company RISC5 FPGA Boards
Digilent Arty A7-35T $US 129
Digilent Arty A7-100T $US 249
Digilent Arty S7-25 $US 99
Digilent Arty S7-50 $US 129
Digilent Cmod A7-35T $US 89
Digilent Cmod S7-25 $US 69

User Manuals

Astrobe includes library modules which contain many of the register / peripheral definitions for the supported microcontroller families. Refer to the relevant NXP and STMicrocontroller User manuals for full operational details:

NXP (Cortex-M3)

STMicroelectronics (Cortex-M3, M4 and M7)