Technical Support

Support Forum

Use the Astrobe web-based support forum to:

Initially you can only view messages. When you register as a member on the forum you will be able to download files and post messages. In order to prevent spam your first messages will not appear until you have been approved as a registered member of the forum. Contact us if your message has not been approved within one working day.

The forum is a technical forum only. Other types of messages may be removed without notice or explanation.

Contact cfbsoftware by email for any initial setup issues, sales or other non-technical enquiries.

Email Support and Special Upgrade Discounts

Astrobe users can also receive direct private email support from the software developers.

If your question and our replies would be useful to others we will post them on the support forum unless you specifically ask us not to do so. We will do our best to exclude any information that might identify you.

NOTE: If the problem is related to compilation or linking you may need to provide a copy of the source code of the shortest program which demonstrates the error and a copy of any relevant diagnostic and error messages. Report the problem first and then await further instructions before sending your source code.

Professional Edition users should receive a reply within two business days of receipt of their email.