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Astrobe is supported on a range of development boards using NXP and STMicroelectronics microcontrollers and Xilinx FPGA devices. If you have not already chosen or designed your hardware we recommend starting with one of these boards for the quickest way to get up and running. Most supported boards can be programmed from a Windows PC without any additional hardware.

The only additional hardware that you may need to program, and communicate with, the microcontrollers on some of these boards is a USB to Serial adapter e.g. the SparkFun FT232RL Breakout.  This allows you to connect a USB port on your computer to a UART on your development board. Some examples showing how to connect these adapters to boards are in the Development Boards section of the Astrobe forum.

The possible ways to program a particular development board depend on its capabilities:

  • NXP and STM mbed-enabled boards:
    Connect the board to your PC via a USB port and it will appear as a removable drive. Select the Upload USB Drive command from the Astrobe Run menu.
  • RISC5 FPGA and NXP (not mbed-enabled) boards :
    Connect the board to your PC via an RS232 or USB serial port. Select the Upload UART command from the Astrobe Run menu.   
  • Unsupported boards:
    Astrobe creates BIN and standard HEX format files. These can be used with 3rd-party upload tools e.g. FlashMagic and ST-Link.

The Run command on the Astrobe Project menu opens a terminal window on your PC. You can use this window to send and receive text to / from your program on the microcontroller using functions from the Astrobe library modules In and Out. Diagnostic runtime error messages are also displayed in this window. The messages identify the line number and name name of the source code file where the error occurred enabling you to quickly pinpoint the source of the problem.

Supported Microcontroller Families

The startup files, library modules and linker included with Astrobe support the following microcontroller families:

Cortex-M3 (NXP)
  • LPC1313 / LPC1343
  • LPC1315 / 1316 / 1317 / 1345 / 1346 / LPC1347
  • LPC1751 / 1752 / 1754 / 1756 / 1758 / 1759 / 1763 / 1764 / 1765 / 1766 / 1767 / 1768 / LPC1769
  • LPC1774 / 1776 / 1777 / 1778 / 1785 / 1786 / 1787 / LPC1788
Cortex-M3 (STMicroelectronics)
  • STM32L152
  • STM32F207

Cortex-M4 (NXP)

  • LPC4076 / LPC4078 / LPC4088
Cortex-M4 (STMicroelectronics)

  • STM32F303
  • STM32F334
  • STM32F429
  • STM32L432
Cortex-M7 (STMicroelectronics)

  • STM32F746
  • STM32F767

Development Boards

Astrobe v7.0 is supported on the following development boards:

Company Cortex-M3 Boards   Approx.
ARM LPC1768 mbed board $US 49.00
  + mbed Application Board 60.00
Coridium Corp LPC1756 SuperPRO $US 49.00
Embedded Artists LPC1769 LPCXpresso Board EUR 20.00
EzSBC LPC1347 EzSBC2 board $US 18.00
Olimex LPC-P1343 Prototype Board EUR 13.00
LPC-1766STK Prototype Board 76.00
STMicroelectronics Nucleo-L152RE $US 13.00
Nucleo-F207ZG $US 25.00
Company Cortex-M4 Boards   Approx.
Embedded Artists
LPC4088 Quickstart Board EUR 59.00
STMicroelectronics Nucleo-F303RE $US 11.00
Nucleo-F303ZE $US 21.00
Nucleo-F334R8 $US 11.00
Nucleo-F429ZI $US 25.00
Nucleo-L432KC $US 11.00
Company Cortex-M7 Boards   Approx.
Nucleo-F746ZG $US 25.00
Nucleo-F767ZI $US 25.00
Company RISC5 FPGA Boards   Approx.
Digilent Arty $US 99.00
Arty S7-50  $US 119.00
Cmod A7-35T $US 89.00

User Manuals

Astrobe includes library modules which contain many of the register / peripheral definitions for the supported microcontroller families. Refer to the relevant NXP and STMicrocontroller User manuals for full operational details:

 NXP (Cortex-M)


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