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Astrobe - The Oberon Programming Language

Oberon is a general-purpose, procedural programming language. Its type-safety and module consistency-checking features facilitate the development of secure and reliable software. Oberon includes low-level features that make it particularly suited to the development of real-time applications on ARM microcontrollers.

In addition to the usual range of programming language facilities Oberon features include:

  • Type-extension capabilities
  • Assertions
  • Automatic array index checking
  • IEEE Standard format REALs
  • Version consistency and type-checking across modules
  • Explicit low-level access to memory, registers etc.
  • Read-only access to external variables
  • Nested procedures
  • Nested comments


These documents are included with all editions of Astrobe:

  • The Programming Language Oberon by Prof Niklaus Wirth (81 KB PDF file. 17 pages)
    The complete official definition of the May 2016 Revision of the Oberon language.
  • Oberon Syntax Diagrams by CFB Software (110 KB zipped Windows CHM Help file)
    A cross-referenced, quick, visual summary of the Oberon language syntax.

These documents are included with the relevant edition of Astrobe:

The following books are general Oberon programming texts which include numerous documented source code examples. Most of the OS-independent procedures should compile without modification using Oberon.

  • Algorithms and Data Structures - Oberon Edition by Niklaus Wirth (2.29 MB PDF file. 212 pages)
    Many useful general programming examples - sorting, searching, linear lists, recursion, tree  structures, hashing functions etc. All of the source code is presented in Oberon.
  • Programming in Oberon - A Tutorial by Niklaus Wirth (427 KB PDF file. 64 pages) 
    An introduction to programming in general, and a guide to programming in the language Oberon in particular. This edition describes the latest revision of Oberon as used in Astrobe.

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