CFB Software


An Integrated Development Environment for Component Pascal for .NET

What is CPIde?

CPIde is a lightweight integrated development environment for Windows which enables you to write software for the Microsoft Windows .NET platform using Gardens Point Component Pascal (GPCP). Component Pascal (CP) is a general-purpose, procedural and object-oriented, programming language. It is a small superset of Oberon-2 which evolved from Modula-2 and Pascal. Programmers with experience of any of these languages will find Component Pascal very familiar.

Both the Component Pascal compiler and CPIde itself are written in Component Pascal. The Astrobe IDE, ARM and FPGA RISC5 compilers are other examples of its use.

Component Pascal programs can readily use .NET component libraries written in other programming languages e.g. CPIde and Astrobe both use a 3rd-party Syntax-aware editor component  implemented in C#.

See the Component Pascal Language Report and the CPIde Feature Summary for more information.

Help File

Download the CPIde Help file for more details of how to use CPIde. A complete set of screenshots is included.


Example source code is included for WinForms GUI apps and command-line apps, including a full Oberon for RISC5 compiler.

System Requirements

To use CPIde you will need to download the Gardens Point Component Pascal (GPCP) for .NET compiler v1.4.08-beta3 and install it on your system.