Feature Summary

This table summarises the features of CPIde.

IDE / Editor Professional Personal
  • Standard Windows, programmer-oriented, text-editing features
  • Fast and responsive interactive operation
  • Tabbed multi-document interface for editing multiple source files (modules)
  • Split-screen editing
  • Regular expression support in Find / Replace
  • Bookmarks
  • Line modification indicators
  • Optional line numbers, printing features etc. etc.
  • The module in the current window is the target of the Compile and Make commands
  • Create and run Console and WinForms applications 
  • Generate and view interface definition files of .NET or 3rd-party assemblies
  • Automatic syntax colouring of language elements as you type
  • Auto-capitalisation of Component Pascal keywords as you type
  • User-customisable Tools menu for integrating batch files, Windows commands or 3rd-party applications
  • Desktop HTML Help
Code Navigation
  • Alphabetical auto-indexed list of procedures. Click on the name to go to the procedure in the source code.
  • Auto-indexed list of imported modules. Click on the module name to open the file.
Gardens Point Component Pascal Language Features
  • Component Pascal is a general-purpose programming language first published in 1997.
  • GPCP conforms to the 2006 Component Pascal Language Report
  • Includes .NET-related extensions
  • Type-extension with methods for Object-Oriented programming
  • Byte, Integer, Boolean, Char, Set, Array, Record and Real data types
  • SHORT, LONG and .NET CLR versions of data types and operations
  • Create Component Pascal symbol files from .NET DLLs
  • Pointers to records for dynamic memory allocation
  • Extensible, Abstract and Limited record attributes
  • Constant, Type, Variable and Procedure declarations
  • Open array parameters
  • For, Loop, While, Repeat loops and Case (switch) statements
  • Nested procedures
  • Direct assignment of structured types (arrays and records)
  • String concatenation operator
  • Assertions for validating input / output parameters
  • Type-checking / consistency validation across modules 
  • Optional read-only access to external global variables  
  • Nested comments
Compile and Make
  • Fast single-pass modular compilation
  • Generates .NET Common Intermediate Language (CIL) as output
  • One-click to compile the module in the current window
  • Only the current module needs to be compiled if the interfaces of imported modules are unchanged
  • Pre-compiled symbol files are used for fast access to imported modules
  • Compilation continues to the end to find as many errors as possible
  • Compilation errors are displayed in a separate window
  • Click on an error line to take you to the actual line in the source
  • Automated Make feature identifies and recompiles all outdated modules
  • There is no need to maintain separate 'make' files. The names and locations of imported modules are already known.
  • Interfaces of imported modules are validated at runtime to ensure consistency and eliminate obscure errors
  • Compile and Make options are stored in the Windows registry.
Debugging and Error trapping
  • Language support for validation of procedure parameters, pre- and post-conditions using assertions
  • Optional compilation warnings for unused procedures.
  • Automatic array index bounds and overflow checking
  • Runtime library Out can be used to display output from Console applications in the CPIde output window
  • Runtime errors and failed assertions are identified by a callback trace with module and procedure names and source line numbers
Source Code
  • Full source code of all GPCP runtime library modules
  • Full source code of example modules.
Commercial Applications
  • Develop and deploy commercial applications with no additional runtime fees